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Monday, July 13, 2009

Heat Wave in July

I've confined myself to quarters, so to speak, during this heat wave. My truck doesn't have air conditioning and unless I have to be somewhere I'm going to work out of my home as much as possible. Luckily for me I have many knit and crochet projects going on right now, and there is no risk of running out of yarn anytime in this millenia.

I want to see the new Harry Potter movie that is coming out soon and fortunately movie theaters are air conditioned in S. California, so no worries there. And I want to find my Slytherin scarf so I can finish it to wear to the theater. But only if I go at night, because it's way too hot to be sporting a neck scarf in these temperatures.

Once again I'd like to remind the knitters out there that learning basic crochet is almost essential to be a successful knitter, because that hook comes in handy for retrieving dropped stitches, fastening odd bits of knitwear together and doing decorative edgings. In general, crocheted edgings work up a whole lot faster than knitted ones. But if you are looking for brownie points for having used knitting and only knitting for the entire project, have at it. I'm not your mother.

My Slytherin inspired scarf

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