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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Designing Original Hats

Last night I couldn't sleep so I sat up, turned the light back on, and spotted the knitting graph paper sitting there. So I started doodling some new hat designs. I came up with four or five. My favorite was a design with two monkeys. I think I will add a third monkey and knit a had with that design in dark green and orange. I doodled until I finally got sleepy.

This morning I started doing the ribbing on the new hat. I'm still working on a previous hat in royal blue and orange that I should have finished first. The creative process is rarely linear though. I had the worst time with the blue hat and had to frog about six rows. I finally got the pattern back on course, but I was tired of looking at it for the night. Maybe today I'll give it another go. If my headache goes away. I found it's hard to knit when I don't feel well. I get too frustrated.

I finished my purple and light blue hat with the chain pattern except for weaving in the ends. It came out nice, but the pattern shifted in one spot and I was too far into it to rip things apart, so I'll have to live with the mistake. It will still keep my head warm; I just won't be able to sell it or give it as a gift. Sigh.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

New Hat Designs

I have hat fever lately. I just finished one original design with a chain motif and now I'm doing one I called "Dotted Diamonds". The new one is royal blue with orange diamonds. I just wish I could knit faster because I have so many designs bumping around in my head and I'd like to see each one come to fruition.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Progress Report on Multidirectional Knitting

I've decided to use this to trim a jacket lapel. It has about 10 squares now. So I'm about halfway done.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Box O' Yarn

Determined to clean out my old storage unit, we put 3 of my boxes in the truck last time we had it open a week ago. So, today I finally took the boxes out of the truck. Happily one of them was all yarn. Plus about 6 dolls I had knitted sans arms and never finished. Luckily I recognized what they were. I also found about 10 steel crochet hooks, some sewing tools, and 2 bigger aluminum crochet hooks. I'm happy to put all these things into use. Waste not, want not.
The other box had several needlecraft projects in it including some Christmas tree ornaments in cross stitch and a Christmas stocking.

I also found my index book of all the commercial stamps I bought. It was very nostalgic looking through all those.

The last box says 'costuming' and I didn't get to go through it today. Tomorrow is another day. It's already 1 AM.