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Monday, February 24, 2014

Knitting a Snake

I am an impulsive person. When I found out my grandson was visiting around my birthday (Jan. 3) I thought it would be fun to knit him a snake for a Christmas present. Easy peasy, right? I totally forgot how long it takes to knit a tube of that length. On the last day of his visit, I stuffed the snake in a bag and decided it was more important to spend time with him in the park than to sit there knitting.
   So here it is the end of February and I'm still working on it. It was my 'truck project' but my boyfriend started working almost 40 hours a week, so I wasn't going anywhere in the truck. Today was a trip to town to shop, so I took it along and worked on it on the drive home. Then tonight I realized I better put more stuffing in because the tube was getting really long and I only had the first foot or so stuffed.  (Yes, I know snakes don't have feet, I meant 12 inches).

So tonight before it got dark I put some more stuffing in and took some photos so you don't have to sit there trying to imagine what the snake looks like.

I also have 2 grandsons so I may have to make another snake. It's fun though, once I sit still long enough to do it.

There is no head yet. I am saving that for last. And there is no pattern, so I can't show you the final outcome until I'm done.

My geeky self.

Lots of ends to sew in. Knitting looks very messy sometimes.

Coiled snake and double pointed needles.

Using a yardstick to push the stuffing down

Stuffing the snake.

A snake is a tube that is narrow on each end and fatter in the middle.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Multicolored Gypsy Shawl

I love all the colors.

After six rows my hands need a rest.
It's been a productive day. I just did another 6 row set on my gypsy shawl. It's been awhile since I shared a photo of that so here we go. I wonder how big I can make it before I run out of needle length.