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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Knitting Meeting in Orange County CA

The Orange County Knitting Meetup is tomorrow night in Buena Park. If you want to go or if you want to go in the future, sign up here: http://knitting.meetup.com/199/
It is free, open to all skill levels, and will be at Starbucks. More details on the link. I've been to about 6 of these and I've always had a fun time.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Australia has knitters too

A cool knitting blog from OZ http://www.gusset.net/kip/archives/2004_06.html

Free patterns

An illusion scarf with hearts.


Knitting for the uninitiated.

Knitting is one of those things that is very stressful when you are learning, and very relaxing once you get into the flow of it. From my unscientific research at least 70% of knitters learned how to knit, then forgot, then relearned, then forgot, about 6 times before they truly got the hang of it.
Beware the pitfalls of trying too many new things when you are first learning. Stick to the basics and you'll be fine.
Once you get knitting and purling under your belt, avoid the terrible rut of never trying anything harder for the next ten years. Once you have a solid foundation, then it's time to explore, go crazy, learn some new patterns, etc. Knitting is notorious for an easy looking end result being a holy terror to knit, or seeing a complicate design that turns out to be relatively simple to knit. Fortunately, most patterns give you a heads-up with a subtitle that says Easy, Medium, Hard or Beg. Intermediate, Advanced, or some such. The scarf in the photos in GIGI yarn is easy. It's only 8 stitches. Cast on 8 stitches. Knit each row until scarf is a length you love. Cast off. Using a yarn needle, weave in remaining ends.
The only hard part is long haired yarns like to tangle, so if you are totally new to knitting, use a basic smooth yarn for your first go at it.
Also, you might like organic knitting. That is knitting w/o a pattern, just a concept in your mind. Let the piece evolve as you go along. If you make any mistakes, try to turn them to your advantage. At the very worst you can rip it out and start over. And you'll love your one of a kind design just knowing it's the only one out there.

The yarn is called GIGI and I'm knitting it in garter stitch on size 9 needles. I have about 5 more feet to go...as I like my scarves really long. Posted by Hello
He looked cold. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Knitting on giant needles.

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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Meet other knitters in S. Calif area.

Our knitting meetup is Oct. 20, 2004 in Buena Park. If you are in the area, e-mail me for further details. (Or go to www.meetup.com to join the knitting topic). It's at Starbuck's so you can get your coffee fix at the same time. Bring your knitting (of course). Don't have any knitting supplies? There's a Walmart across the street, a Michael's in the same parking lot and a knitting store a few miles away (which isn't open at night, but you can swing by there ealier in the day on your way over). It's called the Knitty Gritty and it's on Anaheim Blvd. near Lincoln in Anaheim.
If you are like most knitters, you are drowning in yarn and needles though, not the other way around.
And if you can't make it this month, you can always knit at home and think of us.

Monday, October 11, 2004

Projects coming out of my ears.

After tripping over a knitting project spilling out of every box, nook and cranny I realize I need some sort of system for keeping track of projects. So I'm going to make a floating log. (Sounds like something out of a swamp). I will make a list of all my projects on microsoft publisher and print out a current copy. Before I print it though, I will prioritize it all, and get everything into some order of importance. Some projects I need to abandon as they are now beyond repair. I've either lost the needles, lost the directions, lost interest, etc.
Then as I finish things or my priorities shift, I can easily go into publisher again, and rearrange the entries and make a new list. That's the plan anyway.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

This is my knitting blog...purl out!

Knitters are an obcessive bunch. We just can't seem to sit still and do nothing...not when we could be whipping up an ever so delicious eyelash yarn scarf or a Harry Potter scarf or a shawl with wild swinging fringe.
I'm here to talk about my knitting projects and how knitting is like life.