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Sunday, July 05, 2009

bag of goodies

I was looking for my Harry Potter scarf and I went through a few buckets full of knitting and crochet projects and it wasn't in any of them. So I decided to start going through some of these things to see just what was in them anyway. So I grabbed up a bag and went through it. Evidentally it was from one of my train trips. Inside I found a Mary Englebreit notebook, a pencil pouch I'd made a traveling drawing kit in, train ticket stubs, the beginnings of a little knitted purse, my sunglasses, a bandanna, and some random balls of yarn. And a partially finished something on a pair of thin needles, only one of the needles is missing. Let me guess...it fell out in the living room somewhere? I'll have to go look for that. I've noticed I often start things on trips, but when I get home I'm tired and behind on everything else and then the projects get lost.

bag 005

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