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Monday, January 31, 2011

More Fair Isle Knitting

Every knitter wants to be a better knitter.  I'm no exception so I just bought a book on Fair Isle Knitting. To get my feet wet I'm making the smallest item in it, which is a tam. So I cast on 140 stitches, and did the first row and a half, then realized I'd done it wrong, and ripped the whole thing out. I'd never heard of corrugated ribbing before, so I found it in the index, and realized I'd done it wrong and started over. And thought I bought 5 colors, I see now I didn't buy enough. So I'll go as far as I can with the colors I have, and pick up a few more colors next time my craft budget allows. I probably have 2 more rows of ribbing to go before I can start on the main hat section..