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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Another Giant Needle Shawl

This clearance yarn was under $3.00, and it only took one skein to make this.

Fun shawl

The light side of the shawl poncho in front this time. It takes me one hour and one skein of novelty yarn to make one triangle.

Two triangle shawls equal one poncho

I made this on giant knitting needles.

Still a long way to go.

I'm still chugging away on my Prisoner of Azkaban scarf.

Make your own knitting needles.

When I couldn't find the size of double pointed needles I needed for these socks after searching 3 or 4 stores, I decided to make my own out of a hardwood dowel. I shaved the tips down with a pocketknife, and then sanded them smooth by rubbing them on sandpaper.

Sword case in progress

The knitting part of the sword case is finished, but I need to weave in the ends, add a button, and make a leather bottom.

Sword case

This is a sword case I designed to cover my belly dancing simitar so I don't scratch it up any worse than it is. If this turns out I need to make 2 more since I have 3 simitars.

Amazing bit of synchronicity

Recently I joined postcrossing.com, a random address generator for people all over the world who would like to swap postcards. In my first outgoing batch of five postcards, I randomly got an address in Denmark of another knitter. So I send her the postcard with my knitting blog address. When she gets the postcard she emails me her blog address, and not only are we both knitters with blogs, we both have recent pirate/skull knitting projects. So I posted mine here so she could see it. To see hers, go here: http://www.lioness.blogs.com

Saturday, March 11, 2006

In the works

I'm working on a knitted purse, a pair of skull mitts, a pair of lacy socks as soon as I can find the right needles, and shawls made on giant needles.