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Monday, November 09, 2009

New Knitters

Yesterday I was at a writer's meeting and mentioned knitting and found out the 2 people sitting next to me had just learned how to knit. I got so excited. Like most beginners they started with a scarf. Oh no! So we are going to get together so I can show them how to knit a hat to go with their scarves. Fun. I wonder if they'll be at the writer's meeting tonight.

To get in the mood for winter I added a snow widget to my blog. It never snows where I live so I have to bring my winter wonderland to my blog instead.

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Knitting a Rug

I dragged the rug I'm making into my bedroom so I can knit while various things are uploading. So far it is olive green wool, royal blue, and deep purple. It's amazing how much down time there is on a computer waiting for it to finish this or that funtion.
It's already looking darn and chilly outside. I was going to cut out some aprons on my front porch, but I think I will wait on that until the light is better. My back was sore when I got up this morning so I'm trying to take it easy. Right now I'm getting the afternoon sleepies.
I need to organize my yarn better. I'm not making the best of it. Everything is chaos.
But for the moment there is some pumpkin cheesecake in the fridge that is calling my name.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Knitting By Train

My knitting plans on the train flew out the window on Sunday. The trip is 2 hours by bus and 3 by train. Only the bus was packed, and then so was the train. It looks like many students took the train to Isla Vista for the Halloween party scene, and bought group tickets, because the conductor had a big ole stack of tickets and was checking it with IDs and everyone on my train car seemed to be under 24. I had no elbow room.

However, at the Santa Barbara train station, our train was delayed for an hour and a half. Another train was stuck on the rails, and our train ended up pushing it into town. So for about 45 minutes I got to sit on a bench at the station and knit. That was a great way to spend a block of time I hadn't counted on having. And I felt a bit superior that I was making a project while everyone else was fiddling away their time on their laptops or cellphones. I should finish that hat today and get it into the mail tomorrow. But I have so much work that piled up while I was gone. My daughter is visiting on Nov. 10-13, so I need to get the stuff unpacked and the house put back together. So far today I've done laundry, watered the garden, refilled the hummingbird feeder, and caught up on some of my writing.