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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Orange and Blue Hand Knitted Hats

I wanted to show off the two hats I just finished. Now I'm working on one that's a spiral design. Each color is six rows wide but I was watching TV while knitting last night and goofed and made one color 8 rows wide. I didn't noticed until I'd knitted about 20 more rows. I ripped it out back to the error, then reknitted about 10 rows and realized I still had one row too many. Rather than rip it out again, I put the project to bed and didn't feel like working on it today either. Maybe tomorrow. But here are the photos. The blue one is already spoken for. I'll put the orange one in my Etsy shop if anyone is interested.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Orange and White Beanie

Last night I started right in with another hat in bright orange and white. Once again I'm chastizing myself knowing that people keep telling me bright colors won't sell and multicolored hats won't sell and I should stick to solid earthtones. I've tried, honest, but solid earthtones bore me to tears. I must have clown DNA. Who wants to wears a depressing color on a foggy winter day? Not I!

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Need a Free Hat Pattern?

No time to design your own pattern? Surely you will find a hat you like on this list: HATS TO KNIT

Hat Knitting

Here it is almost 3 AM in Calif. and I surfed onto a knitters website. He makes hats both knitted and crocheted so check him out. I love the way he put together his webpage and I like the idea of secret sales, because you could surf onto the site just for fun and catch something on sale. What a clever way to get people to keep on coming back for more.

As far as hats go I almost have another one finished. I just have to sew in the loose ends and mail it tomorrow. Hats rock.