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Sunday, February 20, 2005

Knit a bit of love to pass on.

Michael's craft store is sponsoring a project called Warm Up America and a sister project for Canada. They are asking for donations of knitted or crocheted squares in any pattern, as long as they measure 7"x9". They in turn get made into blankets for charity. The Michael's near me has a basket at the front of the store to add the squares to. To find your local Michael's or for more information see the website. http://www.michaels.com/art/online/displayArticle?articleNum=ae0095.

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Choice of colors.

I've added 2 more sections to the scarf...navy and olive. As I get older, I find my taste in colors keeps changing. Colors I used to discard as unworthy now find a new place in my projects. My boyfriend has influenced me heavily, as he wears mostly earth tones. I always found those colors blah. But now I am developing a liking for them.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

The scarf rolled up. Each color represents 1 foot. So 7 feet done, 13 feet to go.  Posted by Hello

More about the scarf.

The scarf is made on 4 needles (like a sock) and is a long tube. I like the smooth side showing, but I read the scarf on the show is garter stitch side out, which could be done if I turned the tube so the wrong side is out. At any rate the only resemblance is going to be the length...if you want one with the exact color scheme and stripe pattern there are some websites on google with the photos from every season of Dr. Who. Not being a copycat, I won't be going there, but if that's what you want, it's fun to see what they did on the show.
One day I got a hankering to make a really long scarf like on Dr. Who. Each section is a foot long, so you can see how far I've gotten. I thought the scarf was maybe 10 feet long. But the other day I found a website on Dr. Who scarves and the original was actually 20 feet long. Ay carumba! Posted by Hello

Snake and Rabbit Hat

I was sorting through some bags of yarn and I found this hat I had started months ago. I took it out to see if I could figure out how to pick up where I left off, when I realized it was 99% done. All I needed to do was add a few rows of pink, weave in the stray ends, and sew up the side seams. Definitely a one of a kind Fayme original. I'm going to enjoy wearing this zany hat.
Snake side up. Posted by Hello
Bunny side up. Posted by Hello