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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Jinx of the Gold Scarf

I love the gold yarn.
I'm beginning to think my gold scarf is jinxed. I've frogged it twice already. I redesigned it to be only 6 stitches across because I don't want to buy another skein of yarn and it was clear halfway though that I didn't have enough yarn for a wide scarf. I wanted something simple that I could make with one skein so that I could sell it in my Etsy shop and still make a profit. Even with a five dollar skein of yarn, and 2 hours of labor (if I could indeed knit it in 2 hours), I'd have to charge at least $30 to make a profit. ($5+ materials plus $12 an hour labor). If it takes 3 hours I'd have to charge $42. Soon, the item would be so expensive no one in their right mind would buy it. You see my dilemma.

Then I carried it outside to work on it and spilled red Mt. Dew on it. So I washed it, and laid it on a table to dry. About the time it was dry, the new kitten took a flying leap onto the table and dumped over the can of Mt. Dew on it again! Ack!  So I washed it again and left it on the clothes line to dry.

Houdini the new cat.