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Friday, March 27, 2009

Camel Bunny

I got started on my bunny in some vintage acrylic yarn from Fedmart. I think that department store went out of business some time in the '80's. It's a lovely camel brown color. When acrylic yarns first came out, no one knew how they'd hold up to daily use. I've found them to be low maintenance and practically indestructible. (I can hear the yarn snobs groaning from here).

I don't exactly hate wool, but it makes me itch (all kinds of wool even merino). Of course I could make a bunny in wool, and I might, because you don't wear a bunny. Then again a baby can't tell you their wool snuggle bunny is making them itch.

I'm all for other organic yarn like corn, hemp and bamboo. Some of the those are finally trickling into Joann's. But if the yarn for a project costs twice as much as acrylic, I can't sell it for double. The market just won't bear that extra cost. Then again if the customer wants a custom order in $25 a skein yarn, and they are paying for the yarn in advance, I'm happy to do it. Or maybe you are a spinner and prefer just to mail me the yarn for your project, that would be fine.

Anyway, I got the bunny's head knitted and now I'm starting on the body.

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