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Saturday, October 16, 2010

All Free Knitting Dot Com

The people at AllFreeKnitting.com have offered to sponsor my knitting videos, so now I hope to be making two videos a week. I'm so excited. They've already approved my list of projects. They want a few technique tutorials first though. So if you are just learning how to knit I hope you'll follow my blog because I'll be embedding those tutorials here too for my readers.

It's a win win situation. I drive traffic to their site and they drive traffic to mine. They pay me a small bit to do that, so it helps me to keep going as an artist. Youtube is wonderful in that way. And because someone is actually expecting me to make tutorials, I'm much more motivated to make them and design new projects.  And then I have to finish more projects too, because what good is a tutorial if they don't teach you how to finish the project?

They are also interested in knitting loom tutorials, and I've had a lot of requests for those in the last three years. So if that's your interest, please find my loom knitting blog and follow that one as well. There are only so many hours in the day, so I don't have time to embed every tutorial everywhere, but I'll give you all a heads up as time allows.

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