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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Cat v Wool

Since I'm on this new year long project to only wear things I've made, embellished or repurposed, I need to knit myself some socks. Though I have knitted socks in the past I think I gave all those away or wore them out. So today I got some sock yarn.

I also got some wool for felting. When we got home from the store I left the bag on the couch, and went out to the garage to put in some laundry. So that took ten minutes tops. I came in to find my cat had pulled the only ball of wool yarn out of the bag. He had already gotten the band off of it. And he was now proceeding to put himself into the middle of the ball of yarn one loop at a time. So after my boyfriend unwrapped the cat, I put the yarn up on a high shelf.

Hopefully tomorrow I can get started on those socks.

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Rebecca said...

Silly cat! Glad both the cat and the wool made it out safe and sound!