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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What's a Ponchini?

I literally bought the last two skeins of yarn left in Tall Mouse at their 90% off liquidation sale. The day before at their 80% off sale they still had about 20 skeins left. I wish I'd grabbed them then because they were gone the next day. But I did pick up 5 knitting books and 3 pairs of big knitting needles.

One of the books I got was a crochet book on making Ponchinis. I'd never heard that term before and had to look it up online when I got home. Evidentally it's the same thing as a capelet. But it looks like fun to make.

I used my new skein of brown yarn with a silver metallic thread and the size 17 Clover needles I got to start on a scarf. It's about 3 feet long already. I don't normally wear brown. So I'll probably put it in my Etsy shop or gift it to someone.

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