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Friday, May 28, 2010

Anticraft Book

Today I went to Art Supply Warehouse and in the parking lot I told my boyfriend, "I'm going inside to see if I can find any more of those $5. books." And a few minutes later I had in my hot little hands this book on sinister knitting. I've never seen it before. The only reason I could find for the low price was it was a bit shopworn, and it was the only copy they had left. So I snagged it right up. How can I resist a book that tells how to knit and crochet things like floggers and handcuffs? Score!

On Sunday at the archery meeting, someone had tied together a bunch of twigs and found objects with some pipe cleaners. After staring at it all day we couldn't decide if it was art, or a dream catcher or what, but I couldn't resist adding a bit of spontaneous knitting done on large needles in a heathery purple yarn and interlacing it through the branches. Then I added a tassel. Various people commented on my addition saying it went from sinister to more friendly. I wonder if it will still be there next month. I hope it is and I hope other people added more to it. I wish I'd had my camera with me.

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