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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Designing Original Hats

Last night I couldn't sleep so I sat up, turned the light back on, and spotted the knitting graph paper sitting there. So I started doodling some new hat designs. I came up with four or five. My favorite was a design with two monkeys. I think I will add a third monkey and knit a had with that design in dark green and orange. I doodled until I finally got sleepy.

This morning I started doing the ribbing on the new hat. I'm still working on a previous hat in royal blue and orange that I should have finished first. The creative process is rarely linear though. I had the worst time with the blue hat and had to frog about six rows. I finally got the pattern back on course, but I was tired of looking at it for the night. Maybe today I'll give it another go. If my headache goes away. I found it's hard to knit when I don't feel well. I get too frustrated.

I finished my purple and light blue hat with the chain pattern except for weaving in the ends. It came out nice, but the pattern shifted in one spot and I was too far into it to rip things apart, so I'll have to live with the mistake. It will still keep my head warm; I just won't be able to sell it or give it as a gift. Sigh.

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