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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Meet other knitters in S. Calif area.

Our knitting meetup is Oct. 20, 2004 in Buena Park. If you are in the area, e-mail me for further details. (Or go to www.meetup.com to join the knitting topic). It's at Starbuck's so you can get your coffee fix at the same time. Bring your knitting (of course). Don't have any knitting supplies? There's a Walmart across the street, a Michael's in the same parking lot and a knitting store a few miles away (which isn't open at night, but you can swing by there ealier in the day on your way over). It's called the Knitty Gritty and it's on Anaheim Blvd. near Lincoln in Anaheim.
If you are like most knitters, you are drowning in yarn and needles though, not the other way around.
And if you can't make it this month, you can always knit at home and think of us.

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