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Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Knitting a Poncho

Hello Knitters,
I'm happy to report that I got a ride to the Apple Valley, CA library for the first time and found quite a few books on knitting. Since I just started a poncho  a few days ago, I couldn't resist checking out some poncho books. I'm making it on some great vintage wooden knitting needles that I inherited. I can't help wonder what Nadine made with these needles. They are quite large. Was she knitting lace? Hammocks? Curtains? My mom knitted a hammock out of nylon cordage once. I spent many happy hours in that hammock when I was a teenager. We had a giant front lawn and I'd watch the hummingbirds. What memories do you have of people that did knitting when you were a child?

So far my poncho is light pink. I'm sure I'll add other colors. I'm looking forward to wearing it this winter. It's basic stockinette stitch. I needed something simple for taking on car trips. Like today I was working on it in a waiting room while my boyfriend was getting some medical stuff done. This waiting room didn't even have magazines. I was the only one in there that had something fun to pass the time with. It's so easy to take knitting or crochet along. I'm surprised everyone doesn't do it. And it keeps me so relaxed. I also got to knit all the way there and back, so that's a good 2 1/2 hours worth of knitting today.

The knit side of the poncho.

The purl side of the poncho.

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