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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tutorial Troubles and Sixteen Inch Needles

Because of the tutorial below I went out and bought the 16" circular needle and tried making a hat. Not that hat mind you but one I already started that I'm knitting from tip to brim. And the needle is working but it's really too darn short. So I checked with another hat knitter who uses a 29" needle and she said there is no way she'd use a 16...that would be too many stitches. And I believe her. I think my hat will turn out okay, but it's not comfortable working w/that many stitches on the needle. Granted that needle is an 8 but it's the smallest size Joanne's had in stock yesterday in a circular needle. I'm not saying the video won't work if you follow every detail. I'll have to try it and see.

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