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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Making a Dress Form

My daughter came to visit and not only found my missing cable needle, but a matching crochet hook. I hadn't even realized I lost a crochet hook.

Today we helped each other make duct tape dress forms. Now I'll have something to hang scarves and scarflettes and scoods on to photograph for my Etsy shop. Seeing my duct tape twin in 3D form was shocking to me though. We don't normally see ourselves in the round and I was a lot rounder than my mind could swallow. In fact right now I have a towel covering the scary thing. I couldn't look at it and eat dinner at the same time. After stuffing the form, my first impulse was to throw it in the dumpster but then I had a vision of some neighborhood kid pulling it out of the trash, putting it in a red wagon and dragging it around the neighborhood.

It's going to come in handy for freeform knitting and crochet. I'll finally have something to pin the little pieces to that is approximately my shape. It's very hard to pin things on to your own back.

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