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Monday, December 29, 2008

Easy Knit Scarf

I got tired of crocheting at the archery range yesterday and luckily I had a pair of big needles with me so I started crocheting a scarf in steel blue and medium purple Caron yarn. I did it in garter stitch and I got about a foot knitted before it got too cold to knit. That's the thing about Boye aluminum needles; in cold weather they are just like holding two popsicles.

The big needles will make a nice fluffly scarf. It's basically 20 stitches across and knit every row. It's what I call 'mindless knitting', a simple project to pass the time that doesn't have any finicky details or patterns to refer back to. Easy enough to knit in public while carrying on a conversation and watching people go by.
I leave my complicated projects at home for times when I'm alone and can concentrate.

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