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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Knitting Blogs and Pricing Your Knitting

I just realized I have three different knitting blogs. This one of course, then one on loom knitting and one on freeform knitting. I must really like knitting.

Today I got into a not very pleasant discussion in the Etsy chatroom about how it hurts all knitters when someone prices their items too low on Etsy. I know buyers can't understand why hand knitted items cost so much but they don't knit and haven't a clue how labor intensive it is to do even the simplest of knitting. Then you start tossing in cables and handspun yarn and beads, and the price goes up and up. But it's hardly fair to expect someone to offer a hat for sale that took them 10 hours to make for $20.00, now is it?

One lady asked how much she should charge for knitting a custom sweater. And I said I can't tell you, but you have to factor in how fast you can knit, the cost of yarn, buttons, and trim, your hourly wage (yes you should have one, you have to eat too), and how much time it takes to fix mistakes because you are working with a new design and there will be mistakes.

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