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Saturday, February 18, 2006


The sock pattern I'm using has two sizes. The regular size requires 48 stitches to be cast on. The larger size uses 60. When it came time to turn the heel, it referred me to another page. The entire book hinges on understanding the directions on that one page. After trying over and over again to turn the heel, and getting mutant results, it finally dawned on me what was wrong. The directions are for people that started out by casting on 48 stitches. Those directions don't work if you have 12 extra stitches for the larger size. The book forgot to mention that those directions are only for the smaller size and failed to include any advice on how to add the extra stitches to make them work on the larger size. I'm guessing that the author never tried making the larger size. So after searching google for tips on how to basically rewrite the trickiest part of the pattern, I finally found an animation that at least got me moving in the right direction at knittinghelp.com. Unfortunately the animation is for making a baby sock, so I took my best educated guess on just how many stitches I needed to adjust. I finally got what looks like a decent heel, but I won't know for sure until I finish the sock and try it on. I just hope I understand my notes when I get back to that part on the next sock. I want the socks to match. It's almost 3 AM so the rest of the gussets will have to wait until tomorrow.

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